Regional Account Management

Weslock is a relationship company dedicated to making our employees and customers successful. To achieve this, we have made positive changes to dramatically improve and personalize our service to our distribution customers. We have transitioned our Customer Service Representatives into Regional Account Managers which are new roles encompassing both sales and customer support. Each Regional Account Manager (RAM) is assigned a specific geography and is responsible for helping to support and develop our distribution customers. Your RAM will be responsible for processing your orders and will work with you to improve communication and manage our distribution customer’s expectations of Weslock. Additionally, each RAM will proactively communicate with our distribution partners on a regular basis to strengthen the relationship with Weslock. This communication will include keeping our distribution partners apprised of new products, new marketing materials, product promotions, policy changes, inventory availability, ship dates, and much more. Weslock currently has three Regional Account Managers. These RAMs are available between 7:30AM – 5:30PM (CST). During business hours, all phone calls are answered by one of our RAMs and if you are required to leave a message your RAM will call you back within one hour. After business hours, all phone calls are sent to voicemail and will be returned the following morning by your assigned RAM.

Regional Account Managers

Chris Melton, 1-800-575-2658 Ext 109 | Email
Mandy Gillis, 1-800-575-2658 Ext 114 | Email
Tina Stockton, 1-800-575-2658 Ext 110 | Email